Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Treats: FREE DVD Ripper & Video Converter for Zune HD

www.winxdvd.com is offering a fully functioning download of a few of their products. Apparently there are no strings attached to this deal. I scanned the download for Spyware with Microsoft Security Essentials and found nothing.

I tested the ripping software and video converter software on my 'I Love You, Man' DvD, (hey, I own it after all).

The software gives you several choices of video formats to convert to. There is even a Zune option. That used WMV and for whatever reason, I couldn't sync the WMV file with my Zune. Zune 4.0 reported it as a corrupt or invalid file type.

I finally did something ingenius by selecting the output as MP4; Zune 4.0 liked this apparently because it allowed me to sync this one to my Zune HD.

AWESOME! So far, so great! It looks amazing on my Zune HD and sounds amazing as well.

Have yet to test output to a TV but will update this post if and when I do test it.


  1. did you download the WinX DVD Ripper or the one for Zune?

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    Just the one on the home page at the top.
    'WinXDVD Ripper'.


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