Thursday, October 21, 2010

MS Restores ZundHD Apps in Marketplace and...

Contrary to my previous alarmist post concerning Zune HD apps in the marketplace Microsoft has released 3 new games/apps into the wild for the Zune HD.
Needless to say this is welcome news for us Zune HD lovers.
The two new games are HAIRBALL and TILES.
The app is DRUM MACHINE.
I have not downloaded them yet but again while Microsoft never released much in the way of apps, they do continue to support the Zune HD with updates and free app/game releases. Seeing this now especially around the time Windows Phone 7 has been released to the UK is promising for Zune HD owners.
Perhaps the release of Windows Phone 7 will spark new and well deserved interest in the Zune HD platform and device.

Monday, October 11, 2010


After today Zune software update it appears Microsoft has officially nailed shut the Zune HD coffin.

A sad end to a sadder beginning.

Friday, October 1, 2010

New Zune HD Apps Released Today

Microsoft has released Windows Live Messenger 2011, Dr. Optics, Castles and Cannons, & Wordmonger for Zune HD
Go to Zune Marketplace to download these for your Zune HD.
All free.
Thank you Microsoft.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Zune HD Apps

Microsoft New Zune HD News: New App Released 9.9.2010
Microsoft has released its 26th free app called METRONOME for the Zune HD touchscreen media device.
How did I even miss the new Zune HD app MUSIC QUIZ that was released 08/19/2010 and why didn't Microsoft send their usual e-mail to me telling me a new app is available?
Anyway, here is a total list of all official Zune HD apps:
Listed by name and release date:
Animal Grams - 7.29.2010
Audisurf Tilt - 11.1.2009
Checkers - 11.1.2009
Chess - 11.1.2009
GooSplat - 11.1.2009
Hearts - 5.18.2010
Hexic - 9.1.2009
Labrynth - 4.27.2010
Lucky Lanes Bowling - 11.1.2009
Music Quiz - 8.19.2010
PGR: Ferarri Edition - 11.1.2009
Shell Game...Of the Future - 11.1.2009
Solitaire - 4.27.2010
Space Battle 2 - 9.1.2009
Spades - 5.18.2010
Soduku - 9.1.2009
Texas Hold ''Em - 11.1.2009
Vans Sk8: Pool Service -11.1.2009
Calculator - 9.1.2009
Facebook - 5.18.2010
Metronome - 9.9.2010
MSN Money - 7.29.2010
Piano - 11.1.2009
Stopwatch - 8.5.2010
Twitter - 9.8.2010 (update release date, not original release date)
Weather - 9.1.2009

Metronome App Released for Zune HD

Microsoft has released a new Zune HD app called Metronome.
Go to Zune marketplace, apps, and view all. Download Metronome and drag it from your collection to your connected Zune HD.